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Hotels near Myeongdong

There are a number of hotels within and around Myeongdong, some smaller ones located above the shops on the main streets themselves. Unbeatable for convenience these hotels may lack some flacilities of resort style hotels, but if shopping is your main reason for visiting then they can't be beaten.

Mizo Hotel - A clean small and amazingly convenient located on the 4th floor next to a salon this hotel offers modern conveniences like fridges and free wifi, but with a traditional Korean style of room with bedroll and open spaces. 66-9, Chungmuro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

Skypark hotel - A small chain of 4 hotels all located in Myeongdong these offer wonderful pricing and convenience. With family style of customer service and modern and compact rooms this is a great choice for shopping and staying in the Myeongdong area. Modern beds, bathtubs and elevators make this a great choice for the overseas visitor to Korea. Breakfast with European style bread rolls and a range of cereals as well as salad choices get you ready for a busy day of shopping.

Savoy Hotel Seoul - A Korean style hotel in the heart of Myeongdong this modern hotel offers both traditional and western style bedrooms.  Wide screen TV, mini bar and tea and coffee in the rooms.

Hotel J-Hill - A very comfortable hotel for family or for business, with small but clean bedrooms and toilets equipped with all the toiletries and amenities you would expect. Enjoy the roof top terrace to relax, or the coin laundry to do your daily essentials! Entrance from the main shopping street right between boutiques means it is just a step away from night time shopping every day. Wide screen TV, Mini fridge and safe in every room.

Ibis Myeong-dong - Located at the northern part of Myeongdong this international brand hotel makes for great convenient shopping. There are 4 different Ibis hotels in Seoul, but this is the one that is at 59-5, Myeongdong 1(il)-ga right on Namdaemun-ro Road and with it's back towards the main shopping areas. A modern western style hotel this offers all the world calss accommodation, dining and business facilities you would expect.

Pacific Hotel - Just the other side of the main road this traditional hotel offers spacious rooms, free wifi and has a coffee shop. An indoor pool and gym are available to male guests.

There are also many other interesting and varied hotels in other parts of Seoul.

Street Food

Along the many smaller streets in the area are plenty of small stalls selling street foods, either literally in the street or from window opening up from their small shops and kiosks.  Try some of the local favorites including deep fried sausage and rice cakes on a stick, or French Fries and sausage coated in batter on a stick.   More traditional are gyeran bbang which is a type of fried egg cake or muffin which is a tasty and nutritious snack that all people can enjoy.

For those who love spicy food try dakkochi which is a spicy chicken skewer, cooked over coals to get a BBQ flavor but with plenty of chili heat as well.

Try also the hotteok which is a stuffed small pancake with a sweet sugary filling. Great warmers on a cold evening these are a popular snack with children and adults alike.

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