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Hotels in Seoul

There are a few hotels right next to the shopping district, but of course as a World City there are numerous wonderful choices of accommodation around the city. Here are a select notable few you may not be familiar with.

Park Hyatt - South of the river in the fashionable Gangam district this world class luxury hotel seems to rate more than the regular 5 stars. With fine dining, views over the city and a roof top deck it is an unbeatable combination of the Hyatt brand and Korean styling.

W Hotel - Opening on Walker Hill in 2004 it is one of the most modern of the luxury hotels of the city. With it's pool park and great views over the city it is a summer time treat.

The Westin Chosun - Combining the themes of a traditional wood Korean house with a modern tower block this fine hotel brings you some of the best dining in the city.

Seoul Guesthouse - Located in Gyedong Jongro-gu only a short way from Myeongdong this 100 year old traditional wooden Korean building set in small but ornate gardens offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Korean hospitality at its most traditional. Forgo western beds and sleep on a traditional Korean sleeping mat and experience tea ceremony.

IP Boutique Hotel - At Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu you'll find this boutique hotel which proclaims it's unique character from the outside in. The colorful exterior is just the beginning as you experience boutique accommodation at it's best.

Lotte City Hotel Mapo - With free internet and spacious rooms this value hotel is run by the Lotte group. Downstairs is a shopping center, which has a selection of both modern and traditional restaurants, fastfood , bakeries as well as a supermarket.


Street Food

Along the many smaller streets in the area are plenty of small stalls selling street foods, either literally in the street or from window opening up from their small shops and kiosks.  Try some of the local favorites including deep fried sausage and rice cakes on a stick, or French Fries and sausage coated in batter on a stick.   More traditional are gyeran bbang which is a type of fried egg cake or muffin which is a tasty and nutritious snack that all people can enjoy.

For those who love spicy food try dakkochi which is a spicy chicken skewer, cooked over coals to get a BBQ flavor but with plenty of chili heat as well.

Try also the hotteok which is a stuffed small pancake with a sweet sugary filling. Great warmers on a cold evening these are a popular snack with children and adults alike.

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