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About Myeongdong

Well known as the best shopping district in Korea the Myeong-dong district specializes in all kinds of goods for trendy young people or the young at heart, and skin! Check out international boutiques, local fusion fashions and skin care of all kinds. Eat traditional Korean specialties or modern chain restaurant foods, shop from big department stores or from little road-side kiosks. But most of all absorb the great Korean atmosphere that makes Myeong-dong the place to be on a Friday evening!


Although well known to both locals and experienced visitors to Korea there are some who are not familiar with Myeongdong and the great experiences, food and shopping available here. So this site is the definitive FastFacts guide to the shopping district, giving everything you need to know to enjoy your visit to the shopping district.

For more information please contact us, or just turn up and enjoy the experience!

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Street Food

Along the many smaller streets in the area are plenty of small stalls selling street foods, either literally in the street or from window opening up from their small shops and kiosks.  Try some of the local favorites including deep fried sausage and rice cakes on a stick, or French Fries and sausage coated in batter on a stick.   More traditional are gyeran bbang which is a type of fried egg cake or muffin which is a tasty and nutritious snack that all people can enjoy.

For those who love spicy food try dakkochi which is a spicy chicken skewer, cooked over coals to get a BBQ flavor but with plenty of chili heat as well.

Try also the hotteok which is a stuffed small pancake with a sweet sugary filling. Great warmers on a cold evening these are a popular snack with children and adults alike.

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