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Shopping at Myeongdong

What can you buy in Myeongdong? Just about everything you would expect from a young trendy shopping district, but of course there are some specialties where Myeongdong has even more range than others.


Korean people are very conscious of skin condition and so Cosmetics and skincare are very well developed in Seoul. In Myeongdong you will not only find all famous brands of cosmetics here, as well as skin care salons of all types and to fit any requirement or budget. In fact the main street, Myeongdong 8-gil, is even referred to as "Cosme Road" by visitors from Japan due to the high concentration of cosmetic outlets.

Most of the shops have staff who can speak English to help visitors to choose the right products. Here you will be able to buy from brands such as The Face Shop, Skin Food, Innisfree, Missha, TonyMoly, Nature Republic, Aritaum (for Laneige)  and of course Etude House and Holika Holika.

Each brand may have several different shops along the road, as well as of course appearing in various nearby department stores. Check out the flagship stores which have the biggest range and offer the most discounts and free samples of related products.


After makeup it is of course clothes that make the women, and nowhere better than Myeongdong to have a huge selection of different styles of garments and shops to choose from.  Major international brands like H&M and Forever 21 alternate with funky Korean independant styles to give a wide range of choices.  Try the ZARA and Top Ten stores which have large ranges.

After a hard sessions of shopping don't forget to get something to eat from one of the many restaurants and cafe in the area.


Street Food

Along the many smaller streets in the area are plenty of small stalls selling street foods, either literally in the street or from window opening up from their small shops and kiosks.  Try some of the local favorites including deep fried sausage and rice cakes on a stick, or French Fries and sausage coated in batter on a stick.   More traditional are gyeran bbang which is a type of fried egg cake or muffin which is a tasty and nutritious snack that all people can enjoy.

For those who love spicy food try dakkochi which is a spicy chicken skewer, cooked over coals to get a BBQ flavor but with plenty of chili heat as well.

Try also the hotteok which is a stuffed small pancake with a sweet sugary filling. Great warmers on a cold evening these are a popular snack with children and adults alike.

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