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Seoul Attractions

Everland Resort  - Outside of Seoul proper this is still an amazing destination and at about 45 minutes from Myeongdong is a must see.  The largest theme park in Korea it has everything you could want for a day out with the family.  Open for over 30 years it is constantly reinventing itself and today offers rides such as T Express, Rolling-X Train, Herky & Timmy's Racing Coaster and Dragon Coaster.  The various lands inside the park include Global Fair, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo-Topia and American Adventure. 

Lotte World - With both indoor and outdoor theme park areas this is the largest theme park in Korea, and a great day outing for the children.  Open every day from 9:30am until 10pm, though some attractions close when it is dark depending on the season. An ice skating rink and a traditional Korean village round out the attractions. Adult tickets start at 28,000 Won, though some discounts are available if you only wish to visit briefly in the evening.

Jogyesa - The main Buddhist temple in Seoul this historic building demonstrates traditional Korean architecture and was first built in 1395 though the modern building is from 1910.  Open every day for worship.

Deoksugung - Also known as Gyeongun-gung or Deoksu Palace, this walled compound of palaces in Seoul has been the home of many different Korean Royal Families up until the 20th century. Open every day except Monday from 9 in the morning until 9 at night there is a modest entrance charge of just 1,000 Won.   About 45 minutes walk from Myeongdong.

Street Food

Along the many smaller streets in the area are plenty of small stalls selling street foods, either literally in the street or from window opening up from their small shops and kiosks.  Try some of the local favorites including deep fried sausage and rice cakes on a stick, or French Fries and sausage coated in batter on a stick.   More traditional are gyeran bbang which is a type of fried egg cake or muffin which is a tasty and nutritious snack that all people can enjoy.

For those who love spicy food try dakkochi which is a spicy chicken skewer, cooked over coals to get a BBQ flavor but with plenty of chili heat as well.

Try also the hotteok which is a stuffed small pancake with a sweet sugary filling. Great warmers on a cold evening these are a popular snack with children and adults alike.

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